When I got here, I really had no idea what there was to see or do or what Austria would be like (OK, so I'd been to Vienna twice). But Villach is near the southern border - in fact, it's only 20 or so minutes to Italy or Slovenia. On the map below (stolen from the CIA factbook), Villach is about an hour east of Klagenfurt by train.

Once I arrived, I kind of decided since I was living in Austria (in Carinthia, the southernmost Land, which is kind of like a province), that's what I should mainly explore. Not that I needed a lot of convincing, as there are mountains (Alps), glaciers and lakes everywhere. I spent the beginning of my stay looking around the cities and natural wonders of Carinthia, and then once the IAESTE social activities started, I went on those, which were around different parts of Austria. Finally I visited Italy, Germany and the Netherlands.

I tried to write a little something about each weekend (to go with the pictures, of course), listed below. I'll try to eventually put up pictures - I think I took at least 20 rolls - but it will take a while to scan them. So I didn't go on the (expensive) Sound of Music tour in Salzburg and I didn't get to see the armor museum in Graz, but there's plenty of other stuff here:

Oh, and once you're done with those, I guess I also have a page about weird Austrian customs. And when I say weird, of course I mean different from the United States of America.