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Weekend 1: Not Much

Saturday: Villach - Annaheim - Villach

I got up pretty early with the intention of going to tourist information to see what there was to do. I walked around main street for a while and then spent the rest of the morning in an internet cafe.

An interesting sign.

Later on I picked up pictures from the MITSO tour I had developed and some albums, and by the time I got to information, it was closed. In fact, all the stores had pretty much closed by 1.

Along the bike path.

I decided to bike out to a nearby lake (Ossiacher See in Annaheim) to see if the famous lakes lived up to their reputation.

Country houses.

I passed by some peoples' houses whose backyards were streams - they'd just jump in and swim around.

Laura takes a rest by Ossiacher See.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening arranging the photos in the albums.

The bike my elderly landlady let me use.

We stopped for ice cream on the way back. That is, I stopped for ice cream - Laura was watching the bike.

Landskron Castle.

I've never lived so close to a castle. I knew I had to come back some other time to see it.

The Landscape.

Quite a pleasant change from Boston.

Up close.

We stopped to take a rest.

Bike path back to Villach.

Passing through the "suburbs."

Which way should we go?

Later that night I went to Obsession, some once a year "electronic music festival" held in what used to be a mine. It was really smoky and I didn't enjoy it too much (fell asleep about 30 feet from gigantic speakers).

Self portrait, taken some time that night.

I got back early the next morning and went to bed.

Sunday: Villach

I slept in a little, then walked around town - I was expecting to look in the various stores that closed the day before, but it turned out that everything was closed.

Austrian water fountain.

I got kind of depressed with nothing to do and a wasted day...

A day of rest.

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