I'm working at Carinthian Tech Research , a 30 person company located in the Technologiepark Villach, a small set of buildings off to the side of Villach that's supposed to become part of the "Silicon Alps" the government would like to create over the next few years. Right now there are only a few small companies and an electronics focused high school.

I work in the Spectral Imaging division with ENVI, Matlab and various reports from the Commision Internationale de L'Eclairage - who are apparently some weird people who get together every few years to discuss how to determine one color from another. My mentor even took out Numerical Recipes in C, a good friend from 10.001. My job involves more physics/EE type stuff than I'm used to, but it's interesting.

As it's situated, I can ride my bike to work - it's about four or five km. away, but I can travel on a bike path along the river, so it's a nice ride.

Villach has been mainly a tourist destination, but the government has been trying to introduce more and more tech companies. CTR get a lot of contributions and subsidizes from the government, which encourages inter-company work. We do research work for Infineon and other larger companies in the area.

We sent three teams to the first IronCompany Triathalon! All I'll say is we didn't come in last place.