Building a Kayak

I was back home during the summer of '01 I was a little bored and decided to build a kayak. I chose the 17' Arctic Tern kit from Pygmy Boats - no experience required!

Somehow I cleared out enough space in the garage to set up some work tables. The plywood kit was assembled using the stitch-and-glue method: string together side panels with wire, then epoxy them together. Then everything's coated with fiberglass and more epoxy.

Here's the finished product, after about 2 months of evening and weekend work. I got it to a point it could be launched the day before I had to go back to school.

Loaded it up and set off for Lake Harriet.

The family came along for the launch.


It works! Tracks really well. Best feeling in the world.

And finally, cleaning it off and returning it to the garage. Unfortunately I haven't been back in the summer so I haven't had a chance to paddle since.